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DCM, or dilated cardiomyopathy, is a serious problem for dogs. It makes the heart walls thin and weak. This means the heart can't pump blood well. In 2018, the FDA said that some dog foods could cause DCM. This type of DCM comes from the diet and not just from the dog's genes.

Certain breeds, like Dobermans and Great Danes, often get DCM because of their genes. But now, even breeds like Golden Retrievers are getting sick from diet-based DCM. This is new and worries many dog owners and doctors.

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Researchers found that foods without grains might be part of the problem. These foods often have lots of peas or lentils instead. A study showed that diets high in peas could change dogs' hearts in bad ways. But, not all dogs eating these foods get DCM. This makes it hard to understand the problem fully.

The good news is some dogs with DCM get better if they eat more of an amino acid called taurine. Taurine helps build strong heart muscles. But, this doesn't work for every dog. Doctors are still trying to find out why.

To help dog owners, a new webinar will talk about DCM and dog food. It will tell you which foods are safe and which to avoid. It will also share natural ways to keep dogs healthy. This webinar is a great chance to learn more about keeping your dog safe from heart disease.